Kizomba Lessons in Houston

Kizomba Lessons Houston


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If you are: KizombaCURIOUS and are a newbie: Kizomba is a partner dance unlike any other that allows you to truly connect and become one with your dance partner.

For females, you will get back in touch with you inner sensual diva… For men, you will become more confident in your leadership and nonverbal communication on and off the dance floor.

Now is the time to learn Kizomba, make new friends, and join the growing Kizomba Harmony family.

If you are already a KizombADDICT it's time to take your skills to the next level by working on your saida/pivot technique.

For everyone: SEMBA is the parent dance of Kizomba that is more fast paced and fun for everyone! For those of you that are concerned about the constant close connection of Kizomba...trying semba first may be for you!

We know that learning can be stressful at time, but don't worry we promise a great atmosphere filled with laughs, fun, and great instruction.


Our class format and offerings have changed to specifically address the needs and increase learning for each student. We encourage you to take the level below as well as your current level at no additional cost to help solidify your learning.

We will teach one hour Kizomba class that are more specifically tailored to your needs

7pm: Kizomba Fundamentals #KizFun: perfect for those that have never danced kizomba before

8pm: Level 2 Kizomba Beginners #BeginforKiz: For those that have completed their first cycle with us and are just becoming comfortable with the female saida

9pm SEMBA ALL LEVELS Get in touch with the roots of Kizomba and learn how to dance authentic semba and practice with instructors representing our Angolan community. THIS offering is NOT to be missed. THIS class is one of only a few available progressive ongoing semba classes in the ENTIRE USA.
As with starting anything new, things will feel awkward at first. Trying only one or two classes is doing yourself a big injustice, we highly recommend completing the full 2 month cycle to allow the technique, practice, muscle memory to sink in over the course of the cycle. We have a set curriculum in place to help you learn fast with the proper technique.

Fundamentals or Beginners Kizomba Class 17/class or 55/month
Semba Class 17/class or 55/month
Combination of Kizomba and Semba Class 28.00/day 70/month

RESERVE YOUR SPOT FOR OUR NEXT CYCLE OF CLASSES TODAY! TEXT YOUR NAME & EMAIL TO (832)585-6324 and click on the link to prepay for class!